Galerie 208 announces its participation in the first edition of BAD, BORDEAUX + ART + DESIGN, a new art and design fair, which will take place from July 7 to 10, 2022 in Bordeaux.

A great cultural city, Bordeaux welcomes in an emblematic place, the H14, this new fair which gathers more than 60 international galleries.

You will be able to discover works by Bernard Frize, Piet Hein Eek, Olivier Kosta-Théfaine, Sung Hy Shin, Fabrice, Hyber, Arne Quinze, Gerard Kuijpers, Brankica Zilovic, Li Chevalier, Benjamin,Sabatier, Stefan Leo, Jean Prouvé, Alexander Calder, Martine Poppe.

We chose to exhibit at the BAD, artists interacting with nature, while incorporating the notion of architecture. The association of artists of different notoriety around these themes allows us to present works that are accessible to young collectors but also pieces made by great names in art for more experienced collectors.

Arne Quinze is a contemporary Belgian artist who is very close to nature, the main source of inspiration for his works. Through his works, and particularly his sculptures, he wishes to bring nature into the cities, to plant the streets and public squares. He realizes numerous monumental installations throughout the world.

Martine Poppe, is a Norwegian artist who lives and works in London. She creates her pictorial works by placing herself on the border between figuration and abstraction. She has developed a very characteristic painting technique that is reminiscent of sculptural work. Her landscapes seem to be modeled with regular brushstrokes, creating reliefs, shadows and nuances all over the surface of the canvas.

Everyday materials are Benjamin Sabatier’s playground. Concrete, cardboard or even garbage are the tools used to express his sensitivity.

Through a mixture of eras and anachronism, Léo Caillard encourages us to reflect on our present in relation to our past. Inspired by science and the concerns of our contemporary society, he invites us to take a fresh look at our time, open to history, in order to rethink our future.

Stefan Leo is a designer and craftsman who is characterized by his unique interior objects. At the center of his approach, the sublimation of the most diverse materials by a multitude of technical and rare know-how.

Fabrice Hyber is a very prolific artist who mainly uses painting, charcoal drawing, collage and video. The work of Fabrice Hyber includes committed works, such as the sculpture l’artère located in the Parc de la Villette. The works of HYBER are in dialogue with each other. They are connected, like the branches of a plant.

Bernard Frize is a French contemporary painter. His practice, mixing abstraction and figuration, geometric and lyrical figures, has a colorful and varied palette which results, sometimes, in quasi-mineral canvases.

With his artistic approach to furniture, Gerard Kuijpers’ creations are composed of interesting juxtapositions and curiously exciting textures, shapes and materials. Among his best-known works is the Dancing Stones series, which features large, rough pieces of black Mazy marble set on steel posts. In this work, he moves toward an explicit interaction between the viewer and the artwork, honoring the sense of touch.

Piet Hein Eek, a Dutch designer, has established himself as the master of upcycling, a technique that consists of recovering materials or products in order to revalue them, creating small series that are more artisanal than industrial. His work, immediately recognizable, is a clever mix between modernity and tradition. He is the master of “scrapwood”, a technique that consists of reusing wooden planks and gluing them together to create a new piece.

Li Chevalier has launched into a journey of exploration of ink painting. She transforms her studio into a veritable laboratory of deconstruction and reconstruction. She strives to give birth to a new chapter in the thousand year history of ink painting, in an innovative way. Li Chevalier avoids realistic representations without pushing her art to total abstraction.

Olivier Kosta-Théfaine makes the hijacking of the codes of the city a new and delightful aesthetic exploration. A claimed suburbanite, he is an explorer of the margins. This visual artist gives the lie to our obvious ideas about the city, poetry, nature and beauty are at the heart of his research.

Sung Hy Shin is a 20th century abstract artist who questions the medium, the flatness of the canvas and the limits of the frame. He undertakes research on his practice by experimenting with painting in an abstract way.

Brankica Zilovic deals with an important theme: the environment. Through these monumental sculptures in the form of large landscapes, she challenges the viewer through a treatment of fabric and wool which allows her to relate to other artists.
These installations and pictorial configurations display an almost neural complexity that ultimately reflects today’s world.

Jean Prouvé is a French designer and architect. He is one of the founders of the Union des Artistes Modernes with Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand, who contributed to making furniture innovative in the 20th century. His main aim is to combine art and industry to make it available to everyone.