From December 1st to February 1st, discover the works of 3 Asian artists in our new exhibition Regard Intérieur (Inner Sight) : Shan Weijun, Li Chevalier and Ilsun Maeng 

Through their artistic practice, the three artists of this exhibition Regard Intérieur enter into an introspective process inspired by both their daily lives and older memories.

Fisrtly Shan Weijun was born in China’s Jiangsu province and arrived in France in the 1990s. The pointillism executed by Shan Weijun is reminiscent of 19th century impressionist pointillism.  He uses traditional Chinese painting tools such as rice paper, brushes and ink – which he had imported directly from Asia. Thus his work combines Chinese culture and French sentiment. Through his practice, Shan Weijun explores his feelings and delves into his childhood memories as well as his recent experiences.

French nationalized in 1986, Li Chevalier reinvents the use of ink painting. Her artistic process is a real introspective work in which she finds her heritage. She explores the fluidity and subtlety of ink, avoiding realistic representations without pushing her art to total abstraction.

And finally Ilsun Maeng, a South Korean artist, has a neurological condition that limits her field of vision. Therefore the Spinning objects series is essentially the result of her efforts to make the images as symmetrical as possible. The elements she represents were seen and collected in her daily life. In her words, the process of her work is a form of meditation.

From November 20 Shan Weijun’s works will be presented at the Liu Hai Su Art Museum Branch in Shanghai. Over the next year, Li Chevalier will have two solo exhibitions at two museum institutions in Shanghai and New York. Both artists will also be exhibited in the exhibition entitled “China Morocco, a parallel history of abstraction” at the Mohamed VI Museum in Rabat in June 2023.