Galerie 208 is delighted to be taking part in the new edition of the Moderne Art Fair!

Created in 2021 and resolutely focused on modern art, contemporary art and design, this new edition brings together the expertise and experience of a team of professionals from the world of art and the promotion of Parisian art events, specialising in modern art and contemporary design.
Moderne Art Fair, positioned at the heart of the twentieth-century artistic wave, was born out of a long process of reflection, combining knowledge and independence with a resolutely family spirit, creating a universe of choice where the impossible is never an obstacle: the finest artistic response to an increasingly demanding public, whoever they may be.
This new edition promises to be a highly anticipated event for art lovers, bringing together nearly 60 galleries presenting a selection of established artists from the 20th and 21st centuries.

Through its selection, Galerie 208 aims to promote a plural vision of art by connecting artistic approaches. We bring together contemporary artists and modern artists. Contemporary art developed from the experiments of modern art, and modern art paved the way for contemporary art by beginning to transgress all the rules of representation. Some artists, in their quest to introspect or redefine the world around them, can be considered to be precursors of contemporary art, even though they are temporally linked to the modern era. It is in this context that we wanted to maintain a dialogue of continuity with certain artistic practices. Artists translate emotions according to periods. Their visions are placed according to their feelings and each period allows us to seek a cohesion between these artists.

We are presenting the following artists: Fabrice Hyber, Bernard Frize, Victor Vasarely, Jean-Michel Atlan, Niele Toroni, Claude Viallat, Arman, Tom Wesselmann, Sonia Delaunay, David Mach, Jan Fabre, Yves Klein, Pavlos, Felice Varini, Benjamin Sabatier and Jean-Philippe Duboscq.