Galerie 208 presents works by the artist Ilsun Maeng in the setting of the Hôtel particulier at 22 avenue Pierre Ier de Serbie.

Ilsun Maeng is an artist based in South Korea.
Ever since she was a child, she has had a limited field of vision.
She can only see the left half of your face when she focuses on the centre of your face. This condition gives her a unique perspective – seeing the invisible side of an object as the symmetry of the visible side.

The “Spinning objects” series is essentially the result of her efforts to make objects as symmetrical as possible.

The elements on the paper are combinations of her imagination that she must initially have seen and collected in her everyday life.

Over the years, the artist has been fascinated by charcoal, which means that the colour of the material is nothing other than black. The process of her work is a kind of meditation. She looks at the white paper, begins to draw and allows herself to expand the idea of what it is as a material and what she perceives.

Ilsun Maeng draws her series in charcoal. Made from charred willow branches, the charcoal echoes her other series.

This series “Spinning Objects” is a recognition of the perfect world through repeated rotation and symmetry. It is a conceptual point of departure that takes account of physical and neurological constraints, and shares his unique point of view on the recognition of objects through this symmetry and rotation.