Exhibition from 8th November to 28th January at our host ELOrganisation at 198 Av. Victor Hugo, 75116 Paris.

An encounter of practices that at first glance invites us into opposite universes.

Jean Philippe Duboscq et Ian Rayer Smith, each with their own specificity and identity, pay particular attention to composition.

Composition which is understood as a creative and structural process, as much as a subject served by the gesture, the material, the colour…

Rayer Smith’s abstract expressionist painting with vivid colours and powerful brushstrokes and Duboscq’s textured works compose an exhibition where experimentation, the bold mastery of know-how and the power of the medium converge.

Also a musician, Jean Philippe Duboscq reflects his work in rhythm, in sequences that can be interpreted differently. The artist composes different layers from the canvas itself, torn, superimposed, twisted, folded, stapled according to a predefined process. He elaborates himself his pictorial matter, an emulsion between the lean and the fat. So that allows him to capture the light of the natural pigments used. This gives the impression of a velvety texture to the canvas. During this second phase and the slow drying of the paint, the artist loses all control over the final result. The canvas contracts, twists, and this progressive deformation of the originally flat surface reveals the volume. These works, paintings or objects in volume, all in matter and vibration, leads us in the wake of kinetic and minimal art, and why not Support-Surface.