Bulles d’Erdre, 2021

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Bulle d’Erdre, 2021
269 glass pebbles with mirrored back, 165 x 2300 cm.
Manufactured by Arcam-Glass, Vertou


Composed of a multitude of glass pebbles sparkling under the light, Bulles d’Erdre spreads like a stream of water on the wall, echoing the Erdre River which flows a few dozen meters from the college. The work transposes the river into the heart of the building and joins the flow of students, noise, life. It acts as an echo from the outside to the inside.
The shape of the pebbles is derived from the reflections and halos of light that appear in the photographs of the Erdre taken by the artist in the vicinity of the school. Once detached from their context, the halos become round or oval shapes that are isolated or agglomerated. Depending on the light and the point of view, the work changes its appearance. Bulle d’Erdre offers the sensation of contemplating a body of water under the sun.