About the Galerie 208

Built around strong human values and a team of specialists in the art market and its many evolutions, Gallery 208 supports young talents through exhibitions in prestigious venues. Wishing to emancipate itself from the classic standard of the gallery and its dedicated space, it favors the values of synergy and sharing, all conducive to the emergence of new models for apprehending art and its market. De-compartmentalized, the new spaces open up new horizons between artists and collectors. Within these exclusive spaces, our collectors experience a new relationship with the works: the emotions and relationships that come to life there are truly exceptional.


Communiqués de presse

Galerie 208 X ELOrganistion

La Galerie 208 vous invite à réinventer les codes de l’art et du design, lors d’une exposition inédite au sein d’ELOrganisation ! La crise sanitaire a entraîné une profonde...