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New NFT platform curated by Gallery 208

Gallery 208 is launching a new collaboration with NeoArt, an NFT platform developed between Paris and Singapore, which is online since April 26. Solicited on this new project, the gallery intervenes as exclusive curator on the choice of the artists and the galleries which will be presented there.

The particularity of this new platform, under the impulse of its curator, Patricia Chicheportiche is the presentation of NFT works by established or emerging contemporary artists already recognized on the so-called “classical” art market and present in international institutions.
The selection of works presented on the platform is therefore in line with the continuity of their “physical” work through the NFTs which are either creations of original works, multiples or fragmented parts of a global work.
The inaugural exhibition, Beyond the body, will present a first series of 4 artists who, as the title indicates, propose different reflections on the representation of the body in contemporary art.


Catherine Ikam, artist precursor in the 80’s of artificial intelligence, proposes a multiple in 8 copies of Yun and 16 copies of Judith.

The urban artist Shaka will present 24 original NFTs, composed of 4 works proposed in complete version or in six fragments.

The artist Leo Caillard will present 2 unique works. Leo Caillard, born in 1985, is a French artist who entered the world of NFTs in 2021.

Li Chevalier creates his first NFT work for the Neoart platform. Flying Soul evokes Li’s relationship with the musical world. It is an immersive multimedia installation that focuses on the expressive power of a transdisciplinary work that combines the visible and the audible.

A new approach to this new market of “digital” art which is aimed at collectors who are curious to discover it and who wish to be reassured by the notoriety of the artists, as much as by the proposal of perennial and accessible works.
Through the selection proposed by gallery 208, NeoArt also offers galleries the opportunity to represent their artists, unlike platforms such as Opensea or Superare which directly address artists who produce NFTs independently.

Today we can see the exponential development of this new kind of art market, which is rallying many institutions to its cause. Thus we can see that museums are becoming more and more interested in it, and many projects are being developed with the British Museum or the Pinacoteca de Brera. Gallery 208 is in contact with international institutions for the development of projects related to NFTs.


What are NFTs?

The NFT “non-fungible token” is actually a digital certificate that allows to know the owner of a work thanks to the blockchain technology. When you buy an NFT, the blockchain records your name as the owner of the work. The provenance of a work of art being difficult to know, the blockchain intervenes to bring more transparency to the art market.

Our goal with this platform? To accompany our future collectors in the understanding of NFT and in the creation of their wallet.